NASCON Allied Plc


Dangote Seasoning

As a business organization, we pride ourselves in ensuring we have a product offering that meets the needs of every consumer, hence we introduced the ‘Dangote Classic Seasoning’.

This bouillon cube is made with a unique blend of spices and herbs which can be used in preparing different delicacies to give that delicious taste and aroma. Dangote seasoning has a classic flavor which can be used to prepare any meal and is available in a 4g cube.

Dan Q Seasoning

Dan Q Seasoning is a high-quality product made from a rich selection of spices and other raw materials blended to perfection and laced with love to ensure tasty meals each time, every time.

Whoever you are and whatever your choice of meals, Dan-Q seasoning, currently available in chicken and beef variants gives you the added oomph that enhances the taste profile, aroma and the look of your favorite meals!